Fur Sling-Bag Pony-Kangaroony

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knowing the breed of your dog helps us see whether the size is chosen correctly

It happens that the baby is tired after a long walk or is cold. At such moments he is waiting to be taken in your arms and warmed up.

With the Pony-Kangaroony you can always take your ponytail with you and do your business, because your hands will be free.

We wanted the bag to be as lightweight as possible, almost weightless, concise and compact so you can always take it with you.

What's in the Pony-Kangaroony:

⁃ a wide, soft and comfortable shoulder handle that adjusts to a person's height;

⁃ a leash for securing, for safety while walking;

⁃ a net that "closes" the bag and secures the pet inside.

The construction of the bag is designed according to the anatomy of doggies so that it would be comfortable for kids to lie down and sit. So, the pet can reach his head, paws or hide in his cozy house with his head and sleep sweetly.

The purse is convenient to take with you on trips with the tail, where there are a lot of long walks around the city. It will become an indispensable assistant.

The Pony-Kangaroony is great for puppies while they are in quarantine. We also recommend it for dogs that are old and get tired quickly.

The fabric of the bag is practical and easy to clean. No hair is embedded in it and no puffs are left behind.

The bag in size S is suitable for dogs up to 3-3.5 kg.

The M size is suitable for dogs up to 6-6.5 kg.

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